Precautionary Measures and Executions for Covid-19 Emergency

Despite the easing of restrictions by the government on 19 July 2021, Master Chord Studio recommends that its customers continue to follow the precautionary measures below in order to maintain a safe, secure and hygienic environment for all those visiting the studio:

– The use of a mask is mandatory when moving around the premises. Once in position, musicians may remove their mask when performing if they are able to maintain social distancing. Because it is absolutely understandable that it is not always easy to have a mask for many reasons, MCS attaches the following link by the Government to its customers’ attention:

– MCS strongly recommends to all its customers to use their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

– MCS will only take sessions with a limited number of people to be able to maintain social distancing. Floor tape will be used to help musicians find the right positions if necessary, together with using barriers to separate them from each other. MCS will also always guide its customers on what to do during the breaks respecting social distances, enjoying fresh air outside in the garden space, tea and coffee.

– MCS will carry out deep cleaning before, during and after the session, disinfecting the areas, surfaces, objects and accessories inside the studio to guarantee the highest level of hygiene.

– Disinfectant gel and paper towels are provided to the customers at the main entrance door before going in the Studio and inside of it too, together with antibacterial handwash. An infrared digital thermometer will also at the main entrance to check temperature.

– MCS recommends to all its customers to increase the frequency of handwashing and for this purpose attaches the following link by the NHS to their attention:

– MCS has always kept the air conditioning and the ventilation systems under regular maintenance from qualified engineers so it is able to maintain a healthy environment for its customers. The Leisure area, the Control Room and the main Live Room will also have constantly fresh air from outside to guarantee the crucial aspect of air recycling.

– All those using the studios must take responsibility for their own health: acting in accordance with our precautions and in line with our protocols is essential. The Covid-19 Pandemic requires all of us to pay more attention to every single detail. General common sense is absolutely necessary on behalf of everyone. Please do not come to the studio if you feel the symptoms described by the NHS as potentially related to coronavirus. For this purpose, MCS attaches the following link by the NHS to its customers’ attention:

– MCS has particular regards to whether its customers are clinically extremely vulnerable to Covid-19. Customers in this position need to inform MCS before the session so additional precautions can be put in place where possible. For this purpose, MCS attaches the following link by the Government to its Customers attention:

– If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with MCS at any time at:
[email protected]