“The beautifully equipped Control Room, the monitoring, the surprisingly large Live Room, definitely the best piano in any London studio, but above all the personal care you take of Master Chord Studio makes it a great place to work. Thank you so much and see you again soon.”
George Fenton
“It’s always a real pleasure to record at Master Chord Studio. The Live area with its separation booths is fantastically flexible and usable; the Control Room and monitors are exceptionally well controlled, a fabulous mic collection and quite honestly the studio houses what I consider to be one of the most exquisite Steinway D Grands that I have ever had the experience of recording or playing. Plus of course the care that Michele and Ronan lavish on the studio is constantly apparent. Great place!.”
Haydn Bendall
“If you want to feel that you have your own private studio, go to Master Chord Studio. The Main Room is surprisingly warm and live, the piano is to die for, and the service from the owner Michele is kind, attentive and supportive of great results. I recorded string quintet, harp and drums there and I am really happy with what we achieved. Ronan Phelan knows the studio like the back of his hand and delivered great sound. I will be back there as soon as I can.”
Anna Barry
“It was a real pleasure to record at Master Chord Studio. Particularly impressive is the new addition of an SSL Console which really enhanced the quality of the recordings we made. The session went really well and as ever Michele and Ronan were super helpful and professional.”
Andrew Stannard
“Master Chord Studio is a rare jewel for producers wanting to record and mix at the highest level. Not only is the facility simply world class, but at least as important, the people there are at the top of their game and helpfully, quietly and graciously get me out of all the holes I tend to dig for myself. MCS has built its reputation on cutting no corners to create one of the best recording spaces anywhere, and I have no hesitation in enthusiastically recommending it.”
Andrew Sunnucks
“Master Chord Studio is without doubt the best private studio in London, perhaps anywhere! Having recorded rock rhythm sections, strings, brass and everything else in between there I know the large Live Room and Booths are great sounding and flexible – and the foldback system, which is often the Achilles heel of many studios, is excellent. The fabulous Steinway D Model piano and extensive mic collection is the icing on the cake. The Control Room is marvellously equipped including the SSL4000 G+ Console and the ATC monitoring both of which sound superb. The maintenance throughout the studio is first class. Michele has built a facility that allows you to relax, focus on the music and be creative. He and his staff are always welcoming and go the extra mile to make sure your session runs smoothly.”
Simon Hanhart
“What a gem of a find Master Chord Studio is! I recorded an album at MCS in February 2020 for BBCPM with strings, woodwind, harp and piano. Isolation in the booths was excellent and the nine strings in the Live Room sounded lovely. The players of the BBC Concert Orchestra really enjoyed the room too. The icing on the cake for me is the Steinway D – absolutely beautiful to play and certainly the best grand in London studios. I highly recommend MCS for mid-size ensemble recording and thank you Michele for such a great recording experience – I will be back soon.”
Julie Cooper
“I had a wonderful day recording at Master Chord Studio. As a composer and Conductor, it’s important to me that a studio runs smoothly, has a lovely sounding space to record in, a comfortable Control Room to listen to playback and make editing and mix decisions, and is an overall pleasant space to spend a long tiring day! Master Chord Studio exceeded my expectations in all of these and I will definitely be returning.”
Andrew Cottee
“We loved working at Master Chord Studio – really well equipped with an excellent, good sized Live Room and a beautiful Steinway D Model. Thoroughly recommended.”
James Morgan & Juliette Pochin
“I thoroughly enjoyed the session at Master Chord Studio. After having heard so many good things about the studio from many people in the past, it was great to finally make a visit and record there! I couldn't have asked any more really - the sound of the Live Room was perfect for the string ensemble and Ronan captured the performances expertly. He was a very knowledgeable and helpful hand to have on the wheel, allowing us to concentrate on the music and getting the most out of the day. I wouldn't hesitate to return for future sessions.”
Tom Kingstone-Bootle
“Master Chord Studio is a gem of a studio – world-class tech, great people and a beautiful piano.”
Iain Roberton
“If I hadn't been recommended this brilliant studio by so many people, I would have described it as one of London's best kept secrets. Everything just works at Master Chord Studio with a Gear List and a Piano to die for. Will definitely be back as soon as I can be.”
Alex Baranowski
”Master Chord Studio was truly wonderful, well equipped, extremely professional and great to work in. Michele and Ronan were truly lovely to work with and talk to and the feeling in the studio was very welcoming and warm. I hope to come again to record at MCS in the future as I truly enjoyed my time there.”
Noga Leibovitch
“Working at Master Chord Studio is always a great pleasure. A lovely sounding room with a fantastic Steinway Grand is as good as it gets. Michele’s attention to detail is second to none. All in all it’s a wonderfully creative and productive space to be in.”
Jim Watson
“It’s always a pleasure working at Master Chord Studio with Michele. The Control Room is one of the finest sounding in London, especially for 5.1 mixing and the collection of gear is outstanding. More importantly, it all works, which is not something that can be said of many studios these days! The Live Room is a great space to record in and supremely flexible too. No matter if I’m recording or mixing, I love working at MCS.”
Adam Miller
“Master Chord Studio is a wonderful find for us. Excellent facilities and everything was prepared on arrival. Top quality engineering, superb sound, very efficient and courteous staff – and an excellent Grand Piano!!! We will certainly use this studio again – I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
Simon Lole
“Master Chord Studio is an amazing place where I have been recording, editing, mixing and also composing my music for many years. The Studio features some of the most modern technology and gear available and, at the same time, it offers a vintage research of perfection without compromise that in my opinion it is getting lost in other top London Studios. The Steinway D Model made in January 2019 is a pearl, the dream of every pianist, the best piano in any London or LA Studios. The heart of the Studio is the SSL 4000 G+ Console – I still think that analogue summing contributes to the warmth of the final mix; it is a shame to see that so many of the top rooms have only a controller but at MCS you can still find the real things.”
Maurizio Malagnini
“I’ve recorded two albums for Linn Records at Master Chord Studio. Both occasions were absolutely joyous! Michele makes you feel very ‘at home’ immediately and the space is immaculate and state of the art. The new piano made in January 2019 is utterly beautiful and there was a broad selection of mics for me to try out. I highly recommend MCS and my sincere congratulations to Michele for lovingly building and maintaining such a special place.”
Claire Martin
“What a fantastic experience it is working at Master Chord Studio. The Control Room sounds fantastic, all the equipment is top notch and pristine, the Live area and Booths all record really well and the piano has to be the best in London.”
Paul Golding
“I hired Master Chord Studio to record a jazz big band for a couple of different projects. Michele & Ronan made us all feel very welcome. The sound of the Live Room was superb to work with and there was excellent isolation between rhythm section and horns through the booths. I’d particularly recommend the studio for anything using acoustic piano, as the Steinway D is one of the nicest sounding instruments I have ever heard.”
Callum Au
“Master Chord Studio is the dream studio for our sort of projects. Four/five piece rhythm section all isolated plus either strings or blowers and it just works perfectly. Ronan’s engineering is universally brilliant, Michele is super welcoming, and above all else, it sounds fantastic! We’ve already recorded two musical theatre albums there, and we’ll definitely be back.”
Freddie Tapner
“I love recording at Master Chord Studio, as the combination of one of the best Steinway D pianos, top notch facilities, superb professionalism and friendliness of the staff and the cleanliness of the entire place, makes me rate this studio 10 out of 10, so this will always be my first choice! Thanks Michele for creating this state of the art Recording Studio!”
Genia Chudinovich
“I have used Master Chord Studio a number of times now as both a Recording Studio and a 5.1 Mixing Room, and I have never failed to be impressed. The Live Room sounds fantastic, the desk and the equipment are kept in excellent working order, and the piano is an absolute beauty. The studio management is professional and accommodating and Michele has always made me and my colleagues – musicians, directors and producers – feel at home. MCS has become my go-to place for recording.”
Benjamin Woodgates
“Being a pianist, Master Chord Studio is my favourite place to record. The Steinway Model D is an exceptional piano – which is augmented by the highest quality of equipment both in the Live Room and the Control Room. Michele’s attention to detail is second to none… His priority is always to make sure that the artist is comfortable, allowing them to perform at their best. I look forward to many more recordings at MCS.”
Dominic Ferris
“I have had the great pleasure of recording and mixing at Master Chord Studio. A friend of mine had used MCS to mix his own album and highly recommended it – I would soon learn why. Michele, the owner, invited me to come visit the space before confirming my sessions and welcomed me with a cup of tea and a friendly tour. I was amazed to see how MCS was stocked with just as much (if not more) equipment than some of the bigger London studios! In my sessions, I recorded a 12-piece chorus which fit very comfortably in the Live Room, even with them all being spaced out! I also utilised a few of the many isolation booths which were a great help to me for efficiency. The Control Room is very comfortable and open – despite being underground, you never feel closed in, which is a relief when staring down the barrel of a 10-hour day! So, if you’re looking for a Recording/Mixing facility with world-class equipment, a great Live Room, and an owner that cares enough to make sure your stay is as enjoyable as possible, MCS is the way to go.”
Michael Elderkin
“I had such an amazing experience at Master Chord Studio; the setup and the professionalism, from the word go, was phenomenal. Michele was extremely pleasurable to deal with and his hospitality was second to none. It was an honour to work with Ronan – he is such a delightful and approachable chap. We initially had Ronan as the recording engineer for the solo instruments then soon realised we wanted him throughout the entire project (including recording orchestra and final mixing). Can’t wait to be in a position to be back down there. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay from start to finish.”
Peter Connelly
“Master Chord Studio is immaculately maintained and has everything you need to make the highest quality recordings, including the best commercial studio piano in London. I will definitely return.
Tom Hickox